HWKG Hose Clamp Factory is one of high quality hose clamp China manufacturers whose stainless steel clamps have been well fastening and sealing many fields like automotive, truck, marine, aircraft, mining,petroleum,plumbing, off-highway,agriculture& irrigation system.
Founded in 1990, we have 8 ...




Heavy Duty V Band Hose Clamps

stainless steel ;quick open structure ;inside... More

Exhaust V Band Hose Clamps and Flanges

V Band Clamp Kits Includes 2 V band flanges and 1... More

Stainless Steel V Band Clamps

Steel Blet Width: 12mm
Sizes: Many Size Can... More

Exhaust V Band Clamps

Material Grades:
Band, T-Bolt & V-Insert... More

Quick Release V Band Clamp

the size available are: 1.5'' 1.75'' 2'' 2.25''... More

T Bolt V Band Hose Clamp

VX19Q Series:All stainless steel... More


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